Be a healthier family in 5 simple steps

This time of year, a lot of people are trying to make the right changes in their lives so that 2017 is even better (and healthier!) than 2016. But really, health is something that should last year-round. And it’s something that should be super important to you, your sibs *and* your parents. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be boring or dreadful, either. There are a bunch of fun and easy ways to make you all a fitter fam—just try our five steps below:

1. Cook together.
Schedule a weekly family dinner where you all pick a new tasty recipe to try (maybe you can pick this week, your bro can pick next week, etc.). Choose meals that use lots of fresh foods and enjoy all the bonding time in the kitchen.

2. Eat out less. 
We know life gets busy, but you can still do your best to avoid fast-food restaurants and other meals where you don’t prep it yourself. Restaurants usually add preservatives and extra calories through butter, etc. to make food taste better. And while eating out occasionally is definitely okay, try prepping meals ahead of time for when you’re all on the go.

3. Make working out a group activity.
Yep, exercising *can* be fun for everyone. Organize activities for the whole fam like going for walks after dinner, weekend bike rides, hikes or even a Wii Fit tournament in the basement!

4. Support each other.
Health is a commitment, so even on those days when motivation or moods are less-than-great, be there for each other. Remind your fam that this is a journey and you’re all in it together.

5. Turn it into a challenge. 
If you *really* want to step it up a notch, set goals (follow our tips on making family resolutions) and decide on a reward for whoever does the best. For example, have monthly check-ins to see who’s following the guidelines you set and whichever family member is, give them something special like a mani-pedi if it’s you or your mom or a trip to the local mini golf course for your little bro.

Photo credit: Instagram.