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David Boreanaz
David BoreanazActor, Director, Producer of Film and Television

“As a father, I see the impact of social media and other influences on my kids’ lives, and it’s not always positive. Makaila Nichols shoots straight in Blatantly Honest about the pressures of growing up in such a highly social climate and offers much-needed advice for other teens.”

Frederique van der Wal
Frederique van der WalSuper Model and Entrepreneur

“It’s a daring undertaking to be honest about ourselves, especially in the time we live in now. Nothing out there is real anymore; every picture gets retouched. How can a young adult be inspired? In her book, Makaila genuinely shares her experiences. It is such a true gift to her peers for them to realize that we all deal with our insecurities. Teaching us that life is a journey with ups and downs and that we just need to be kind and humble to each other and to ourselves to be able to create a healthier and happier future.”

Sophie Simmons
Sophie SimmonsActress

“Growing up in the spotlight, I have always been criticized for my body and held to impossible standards. Bullying comes in all shapes and sizes. You can either let it tear you down or you can use it to motivate yourself toward success. I know Mak personally and professionally, and she is a great example of being courageous enough to speak up. I think she will leave a lasting impact on the next generation.”

Shawn Edgington
Shawn EdgingtonAuthor and Founder of The Great American NO BULL Challenge

“By sharing her story, Makaila is helping other teens know they aren’t out there alone in trying to maneuver through tough situations like bullying. She knows what she stands for and is using her voice to encourage others to do the same. Because real change takes courage!”


Jake MarcionetteNew York Times best-selling author

“Wow! No better person to give teens advice than a teen herself. Makaila is so candid and open about her experiences that everyone her age can relate to her story. But age aside, Makaila’s writing on difficult situations flows quickly and is inspiring. I know that we will be hearing more from her!”

Anna CaltabianoTeen author and media influencer

Blatantly Honest makes you feel like you’re talking with an older sister or a close friend—but this isn’t your mother’s advice.”

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Nichols debut book, Blatantly Honest: Normal Teen, Abnormal Life (Brown Books Publishing Group), offers peer-to-peer inspiration and advice on everything she has experienced in her young life — from failed relationships to endless bullying.

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