Make spooky spider web lanterns

DIY these spooky spider web lanterns

Halloween is just around the corner so it’s time to whip up some last minute, ghoulishly great decor. These spider web lanterns are sure to spook your neighbors in the best way possible. Or hang them in your room for a haunted house vibe (perfect when paired with these other creepy craft decorations!).

What you’ll need:

White wool
Plastic toy spiders


1. Blow up and tie a balloon. Tip: attach string of white wool to the end so you can hang up the decoration after you’re done.

2. Use scissors to cute a generous amount of wool.

3. Place the wool in a bowl and add some glue and water to make a paste. Be sure to completely coat the wool in the mixture.

4. Take wool and wrap around the balloon. Use multiple lengths of wool to fill the space on the balloon.

5. Hang the balloon outside on a tree so the wool can dry to its surface.

6. Once it’s dry, pop the balloon! Remove the leftover balloon pieces from the web.

7. Glue the toy spiders on to the wool and hang outside for all the frightful feels.

Tutorial credit: YouTube.